tanjōbi omedetō! pt. II

met soon bee for dinner today (noodles couldn’t make it because she’s having exams). although she made me wait for an hour, i still love her. (:

dinner was at cedele – one of the healthiest cafes around (liam, you will like it). they do not use cream-based sauce for their salads. it’s either olive oil or balsamic vinegar. the grilled chicken portobello sandwich that i had was really good. i was amazed due to the fact that the chicken skin was already removed and the bread used was walnut bread. they gave me 3 bread choices; i chose walnut because it was the most unique. cedele claims that their desserts are trans fat free (not sure how true). they use 100% cocoa in their chocolate cakes and instead of cream, they use cheese. i could taste the bitterness of the chocolate but it goes really well with the sweet bananas.

walked around raffles city to digest our food. river island is currently having a sale on their bags. saw a really nice jade-coloured bag for $65 (used to be $105). i was quite tempted to get it but decided not to. i have good self-control. HAHA! yea right.

opened up the present that soon bee (and noodles) gave me. a necklace and a pair of hoop earrings. thank you so much!

went home to find an envelope sitting on my table. when i saw it, the first thing that went through my head was: “hey, i didn’t join any sprees, did i?” LOL. turns out that it’s from green-chan and puff!

more necklaces! woo-hoo! and the anchor is in my favourite colour as well. :):) arigato gozaimasu, both of you (psst. look at green-chan’s awesome drawing of them both).

on a totally random note, i think it’s going to be a david cook vs. david archuleta in the american idol finals. XD i’m totally fine with either one of them winning, really.


5 thoughts on “tanjōbi omedetō! pt. II

  1. Green-chan did guess that you’d like the anchor cos of the colour 8D happy birthday sutong-chan :3

  2. DAVID COOK(even though he looks as if he’s balding) for sure. HAHA.Hmm..on a random note, i wonder if he can cook.hmmm

    And cedele is so familiar. Did we pass by it before? -wonders-

    Nice birthday card from the both of them. LOL.

    I want soup spoon. I want!!!


  3. Eheheheh.. ^^;; I’m still happy that you loved the present~ :3 And aww…. *hides* My drawing isn’t *that* awesome.. But thank you..? xD;;

    *loves* :3 *does the sotong wave* Whoo~~ 8D


    puff: haha. thanks puff. well, i think that’s because i wore loads of smurfie coloured stuff last semester? XD

    liam: yes! there’s cedele at raffles city. haha. wheelock, vivocity as well. i love that place. eh liam the david cook thing is so not funny. loll.

    green-chan: heh. thanks so much again. but it’s still awesome because i could immediately recognise you both. XD

  5. Aww! I haven’t drawn in close to a year..! xD;;;; So that is the first art I’ve done in quite a long time. :3..~ Thanks~!

    And royal blue suits you, in any case. I saw the necklace, and I just immediately went: “CLAIRE~ :3”. Lol~~

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