i made lunch today!

baked potato, broccoli with cheese, cherry tomatoes and a hardboiled egg.

last tuesday’s bento. yaki-udon (with tofu, lettuce and carrots), chive dumplings, sardines, cherry tomatoes with lettuce.

by the way, flickr is a really great place to waste your time away. i typed “japanese food” in the search bar and have been browsing pictures since 3 hours ago. :\ nihon ni ikitai!!!~


5 thoughts on “hirugohan!


    liam: make la! easy peasy. i microwaved the potato for 10 minutes. den after putting the cheese i put in for another 20 minutes. so good. XD

  2. So you just put one de-skinned potato in the microwave for 10 mins, then add the cheese, then microwave again for another 10? What kind of/how did you put the cheese? xD;;


    puff: the potato is with skin! but u have to scrub it clean. i ate like half of the potato with the skin because it was soooo cripsy. :D you need to poke some holes using the fork before putting it in the microwave (if not it will go KABOOM!). the first 10 minutes is to soften the potato. the 2nd is to melt the cheese and to cook the other stuff added on the potato. slit the potato like i did and just sprinkle the cheese in the middle :) i used those kraft cheese slices. but mozzarella would be really good.

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