tanjōbi omedetō! pt. III and etc.

15/05/08 (thursday):

haven’t had chinese food for quite some time. thanks p.a.p. for the birthday treat + presento. :)

16/05/08 (friday):
met my mom for dinner after work. we had soup spoon! can never get sick of that place. tried their other salads; thai lemongrass chicken and asian tofu salad. they taste alright but do not contain enough greens :\ i still prefer the roasted pumpkin salad. shall try the other 3 another time but i have a feeling the pumpkin one would still be my ultimate favourite.

after dinner, we headed to the art museum.

admissions are free on friday evenings and during lunchtime on weekdays. since photography is not allowed inside the galleries, i had to settle with pictures of the corridors. lol. it was quite fun discussing art with my mom.

the weather is terrible this season. constantly feeling sticky even after bathing. :( hate this feeling.


4 thoughts on “tanjōbi omedetō! pt. III and etc.


    gwenz: this season not very shiok. haha! wait for the next change of art (july).

    liam: lol! yes hang out soon at soup spoon right. :D

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