a day in my life v.2

warning: image intensive

just felt like doing another “day in my life” post. if you’re interested in my boring life, read on…

8.49am – the time that i woke up. i actually set my alarm at 7.30am but i went back to sleep after looking at chace crawford’s handsome face. LOL.

the weather was perfect for swimming. but my mom was still sleeping. she’s more of an evening swimmer because she doesn’t like to get dark.

first thing i did after i got up was to switch on my laptop. it’s a habit. am so loving my wallpaper.

breakfast! surfed the usual sites while eating/drinking. found out that ashlee simpson and pete wentz got married which makes him less drool-worthy by 50%.

changed my glasses last week. i wanted black nerdy ones but my mom said i looked like a teacher/clerk and told me to get the white one instead because it makes my face look brighter. liam said that i looked like a pervert when i showed it to her through the webcam. anyone else agrees? lol.

got bored. so i started doodling krispy kreme donuts in my moleskine. i make sure i fill up one page everyday with different themes and thoughts. sometimes, i would just doodle my lunch or other random things.

it’s time for lunch!

we had vietnamese spring rolls. easy to make and delicious to eat. this dish is so going into one of my bentos next week.

after lunch, i helped my mom prepare dinner. chop the vegetables and remove skin from the chicken. i think i’m a professional skin/fat remover, really.

surprisingly, we managed to finish cutting everything at this time!

while going through my watch drawer, i found this. i think most of you around my age will recognise this? it’s a c-watch (some animated character talking watch). crazy fashion fad during my primary school days. you can watch this video to refresh your memory. i laughed when i saw this. it’s so huge and bulky :\ i think i’ll be able to revive this watch but nah… it’s so uncool now. HAHA.

studied a little bit of japanese because there’s lessons tomorrow!

chatted on msn with the girlies and did a doodle collaboration with liam:

hilarious. we do this once in a while when we’re really bored.

went swimming with my mom. the pool was packed but we still swam. because there were so many people, it felt like i was swimming in the sea with all the man-made currents. lol. i had to use more energy to swim my laps. in a way, it’s good.

on the way home, we stopped by the market to get some fruits from my favourite fruit aunty who recognises my whole family.

we bought a box of huge strawberries for 7 bucks! not sweet but not very sour either. i just love how pretty they look. makes me happy with every bite.

dinner – white pepper chicken stew and mushroom soup.

haven’t touched my DS for 23 days (that’s what the game said). so decided to play for awhile. awhile = 10 minutes. haha! after i got killed in the battle, all motivation left me. started transferring one week’s worth of videos to watch during lunch into my mp4 instead.

sigh, why oh why does time fly?

read a few pages of jane green’s life swap. i haven’t reached the part where the 2 women are supposed to swap their lives. think it’s going to be interesting.

off to bed. spent almost one hour on this post. lol. dear me, i need to learn how to speed-blog.


10 thoughts on “a day in my life v.2


    CHACEEEEEEEEEEEE ahhhhhhhhhhh…….

    LOL………. He n Iron Man took over Beckham’s place already. I love looking at his eyes.

    LOL. 10 minutes den sian liao. So funny.

    Wah our drawings, nice man!

  2. eh next time ur husband will cry when u say he old and other guys are better looking.

    He will just hide in the bathroom and cry his heart out. HAHAHAH! -slitwrist emot- LOL

  3. white glasses quite cool la! haha. hentai x)
    for a moment there, i was trying to figure out what you wrote in japanese, then i realised it was the phonetics or whatever you call them! ;)


    liam: you made me L-O-L at work. haha!!! ur jokes are imploving ah :D

    cuzzie: *glares* L O L. yea. we have to recognise all the characters first before we can do anything else. there’s still katakana omg!

  5. CONGRATUFACTIONS, you have graduated, and am finally free from that $Y%*$^^%(@^%* school. 8Db

    Really, your dayInYourLife posts are awesome. 8D

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