God is good, all the time

i’m going to sum up 3 days worth of posts. despite being really busy, life has been good so far.

23 may 2008 (friday):
it’s graduation day! had to be in school at 8.30am.

some of the pictures taken after the ceremony:

felt kinda sad that i didn’t get to take pictures with other people, namely green-chan and the sentengs. :(

left for town with my mom while my dad went home to sleep. had light lunch at wisma’s food republic.

toast box and kueh pie tee.

walked to robinsons to see what’s on sale. nothing much though. the clothes on sale was either too huge or too ugly.

mom left me at around 3+. walked down to dhoby gaut to meet the girlies! and i went crazy shopping at daiso.

bought more bento stuff and caramel corn! when i saw in the papers that green tea caramel corn is currently in season, i knew i had to lay my hands on them soon. they are so good! the one in the middle is cheese-flavoured. have not tried it, but anything japanese is good (except whale meat, bear meat and whatever crazy-madness-ew-ew “delicacies”).

walked back to orchard for dinner at paragon’s thai express.

i had the tom yam vegetable hor fun which was delicious. even though it doesn’t look tom yam-ish at all, it sure tasted tom yam.

visited DFS at scotts road. it’s really cool that the salespeople there were friendly. the ones at other places looks down at youngsters like us because they think we can’t afford to buy anything. i saw my perfect clutch at marc by marc jacobs but dare not ask for the price.

after that, we proceeded to takashimaya because i wanted to get my takoyaki pan!


24 may 2008 (saturday):

went for the hillsong united concert at max pavilion with ah liam, gwenz and their cell group in the evening. the three of us met for dinner at lerk thai first.

two consecutive days of thai food. haha!

pictures taken before the concert.

we saw this really cute caucasian guy at the merchandise booth and took pictures of him openly. L O L. i think he knew that we were taking pictures of him. that’s why he hid behind the banner.

the lead singer, joel houston, is so so so handsome. he has a wonderful voice, a pair of mesmerizing eyes and a fit body which left me swooning (but only for a while). usually, i’ll keep staring and staring but somehow, i could automatically shift my focus on worshiping God whole-heartedly. this just proves how powerful His presence is.

the stage was really far away from us but it’s okay. we had this HUGE projector screen right in front which allowed me to see every single pore on the singers’ faces.

the band sang a total of 22 songs. totally worth the 5 bucks we paid for the tickets times twenty.

25 may 2008 (sunday):
tried out my takoyaki pan.

if you ever thought that making takoyaki was easy, think again.

i burnt the first batch because i didn’t know how to control the heat and the balls. but i managed to get the hang of it for the second and third batch. :D so proud of myself.

look at the difference! i didn’t put any bonito flakes or sauce because it was already salty enough.

hillsongs united – what the world will never take


5 thoughts on “God is good, all the time

  1. So sorry Sutong-chan for not being able to take pictures with you…. :( Cos my family kept calling me to rush off…. T__T

    Let’s meet up the next time we’re free! :D



    green-chan: hoho! it’s okay. can always photoshop your face on puff’s body. L O L. kidding.

    yes yes. let’s meet up soon. i’m always free for my friends. haha! ♥

  3. Hillsongs united ROCKS man!

    LOLx. takoyaki for me soonnn!

    See you on thursday soooooooooonnnnn.

    Everything so sooooooooon.

    Your camp is coming soooooooooooon


    liam: haha can no problem. but it would taste better when eaten piping hot! :D

    gwenz: i love hillsongs united too! let’s fly down to malaysia. they’re having a concert there as well. haha!! i think 28th? which is today? L O L.

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