needs and wants

i shall blog before packing for my church’s family camp tomorrow. it’s going to be at the legacy hotel, malacca. i think it looks really good with the victorian decoration and stuff but my brother begs to differ.

anyways, on to my post.

29 may 2008 (thursday):
met miss liam for dinner after work. had soup spoon once again. coincidently, we were wearing the same colours. teal-coloured top with white skirt.

this time, i tried the tokyo chicken stew which was alright. it’s like something that my dad makes whenever he cooks.

walked over to marina square after that and decided to get hokkaido ice cream from azabu sabo.

i wanted to try the tofu-flavoured ice cream but green tea always wins me over.

after getting our ice cream, we saw several pokemon dancing on-stage for the little kiddies. couldn’t resist taking pictures of pikachu because it was the cutest. the rest looked scary. :\

went to the usual shops. the great singapore sale is still not really great. had a great time catching up with liam. more outings soon, please!

31 may 2008 (saturday):

haven’t seen noodles for the longest time (5 months). so immediately after her exams, we arranged for a carbohydrate outing!

lunch was at shokudo – one of my current favourite places to hang out with friends.

food we ate:

shokudo caesar salad – $6.80. sorry, i just can’t live without greens.

my steamed salmon with rice – $3.80. i ate this because i wanted to save my stomach for dessert. :D

noodles’ steamed unagi with rice ($3.80) which tasted like chinese rice dumplings.

soon bee’s thin crust pizza with teriyaki chicken and cheese. really good. think i’m going to eat this next time.

and lastly, our dessert. shaved ice with green tea sauce, adzuki bean paste, mochi and chestnuts. i love the chestnuts.

went to the bata opposite st. andrews cathedral to get the teal-coloured sandals i’ve been eyeing on forever before heading down to bugis.

stopped at art friend at bras basah complex on the way there because i needed to get some felt. sadly, only a few colours were left.

us playing with the party hats.

bugis village was jam-packed with people by the time we got there. it didn’t help at all when it started to pour heavily. bought a shirt dress for cuzzie cherie and a $5 watch for myself (to keep track of time during camp). bugis village always makes me want to go to bangkok for shopping. :(

decided to head back to parco despite the heavy rain which gave my smelly flats a really good washing. wee!

saw this cart which sells really funky-looking pens for $7. they have hotdogs, sushi, baguettes, pizzas, ice cream, toothpaste and etc. was sooo tempted to get one but decided to think about it first and i found another cart selling the same pizza pen for only $3.50. @_@

left the girls at 5+ because i had to go to my grandmother’s house for dinner.

so, at the end of the day these are some of the stuff i bought:

1. my $5 watch
2. poko milk sweets. i actually bought this for the container, not the sweets.
3. pizza slice pen
4. an oreo keychain but i’m going to use it as a necklace pendant. fourskin sells the oreo necklace at $19.90 if i’m not wrong. this keychain is only $2.50. for the chain, i can always use the ones green-chan gave me. XD
5 & 6. two blue-coloured pencils. no wait, they are actually chopsticks. haha! so cool, right?

okay, so these stuff (2.-6.) are pretty much on the “can-do-without” list. i have no idea why i had the sudden urge to buy them. i can’t say they are useless because i see myself using them often. :D

off to pack now!


11 thoughts on “needs and wants

  1. I miss you. I miss us smsing one another during work.

    You know what, today is monday blue and tomorrow will be tuesday grey.

  2. Heh, Janet, Wednesday is my day, huh? Wednesday Green. xD Okay, that was lame.

    Anyways….. We should all meet up and hang out. D: Like, I miss you girlies. T_T


    gwenz: thanks XD

    liam: wah. flood! L O L. tomorrow can sms you already la XD

    green-chan: YES YES YES. let’s have a girly meeting or something!

  4. HAHA. Eh narisya. Yes! Wednesday is ur day!lol

    So it goes like this:

    Monday – Blue
    Tuesday – Grey
    Wednesday – Green
    Thursday – Pink
    Friday – Orange

  5. To Janet: xDDD I LIKE THEM VERY MUCH~ :3 Hee.. *loves*

    To Sutong-chan: YESH PLEASE GIRLY MEETING~ 8Db

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