i’m back!

i just got back from camp 3 hours ago and i’m feeling so tired now because i slept at 3am last night playing super cool and unique board games (courtesy of joshua).

camp was really good. received a truckload of stuff from God, caught up with some of my old friends and made new ones as well.

the theme of this camp was transformation, and through His grace, i really felt a change in me. i’m no longer snapping at my brother when he asks me something. and during the camp, i actually took the initiative to get to know someone which is something that i don’t really do (i usually wait for people to ask what my name was).

sadly, no pictures were taken throughout the camp. my camera was in the luggage the whole time.

alright, enough rambling. if i continue, this post would probably be equivalent to a 10-page essay.

so, oyasumi.


5 thoughts on “i’m back!

  1. Yay you are back. Share more with me. I’m excited to know about your camp. You can call me at like 10pm tmr to share with me..At least during my trip home got ppl talk to me also.

    I’m attending Growing In Maturity in church.


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