busy week, lazy post

this week has been really busy. today’s the only day that i could come home straight after work but i don’t feel any difference since it’s already 9.53pm and i have not done anything remotely constructive.

anyways, on to the post:

instead of going to my grandmother’s house for dinner this week, we went to this restaurant at old holland road. they were awarded with the makan sutra certificate in year 2000 or something.

the little kiddies were in the mood for pictures so i took quite a number. most didn’t turn out good because they couldn’t stay still. and this picture reminds me of somebody but i can’t remember who:

can someone enlighten me?

met up with the church girlies – emily, gracie and jasmine for dinner after work. we had dinner at vivo’s white dog cafe. the food was not bad but very typical. i want to eat something special! something out of the ordinary like creamy wasabi and salmon pasta? LOL.

we went up to the rooftop after that to take pictures! ew at the over-exposed pictures.

emily had to leave early + pictures with her in it are all in her camera.

japanese language remedial with pongie at shokudo (because i missed a lesson during my camp week and she missed one last week). i am still loving that place.

my main reason for going there is to have waffles (we both agreed that shokudo’s waffles are so much better than gelare’s). so i only had unagi salad and half a thin-crust pizza for mains instead of starchy stuff like noodles or rice. i kept irritating pong by asking her “今何時ですか?” (ima nan ji desu ka? what time is it now?) once every half an hour and she would struggle to reply me back in japanese. haha! and it came to a point where our conversation goes like this:

me: pong, can i ask you a question?
pong: NOOooOOoo!
me: 今何時ですか?
pong: *ignores*

dinner and shopping with the girlies at bugis yesterday. we started off with dessert at ritz.

liam had the strawberry strudel.

i had their classic apple strudel.

and gwenz had durian strudel.

we had lots of laughs. but i’m not going to share. partly because i’m lazy. :D

the end.


8 thoughts on “busy week, lazy post

  1. YES! White dog Cafe is goooooooooood. Their lobster bisque(think its the correct spelling) also nice and i love their baked riceeeeeeeee……… PERRRRRRFECT!


    YES? NO?

    “japanese remedial with pongie at shokudo! i am still loving that place.” ????


    liam: loll? wad ‘wadeva’ girl?! japanese “remedial” because she missed lessons last week and i missed lessons during my camp week. haha.

    gwenz: i went to bought my socks on thursday.


    liam: okay i know who already ahha! but my cousin’s pose reminds me of somebody we know leh. can’t rmb man. maybe i think too much. LOL.

    gwenz: reminds me of the day we saw steven lim along scotts road. HAHA.

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