a takoball, burger and toy affair

this week has been pretty eventful but next week is going to be even more so.

last thursday, i invited the carbohydrates over to my house for a takoyaki dinner party. i only made 1 batch of balls because it was taking too long. my mom made the rest in pancake form. HAHA.

they entertained themselves after dinner by playing cooking mama on my ds.

on friday, we had burgers night during cell. mini-sized burgers with onions and cheese solely made by joel. good stuff. am warming up slowly to my huge cell group but i’m really thankful that the older ones make me feel welcomed every week i step into cell.

my saturdays always starts with a morning swim, without fail. unless you know, i know. (:

went to suntec city with my mom for the singapore toy and comic convention. when we got there at 11.15am, the place was already packed. when i say packed, means as packed as pc shows/travel fairs kind of packed.

first thing we saw when we stepped in were the big-headed blythe dolls.

the dolls in the last picture are not blythe. am just using it for fillers.

the amazing tokidoki wall.

he was there for autograph signing but don’t know why i didnt go for it. LOL. i quite like his stuff, actually.

further up, we saw mori chack, the creator of gloomy bear. i bought a kubrick and queued up to get his autograph and this:

haha! just for the fun of it. he’s actually quite good-looking in person. not so much in photos though. the only thing i could manage to say to mori chack was “arigato”. haha! and he said the same to me.

i actually liked gloomy bear the moment i saw it years ago. because i was a school girl with no income at that time, i made a figurine of the bear using clay:

i know gloomy bear is quite a violent character and everything but you’ve got to admit that it’s cute.

more dolls. my brother finds them creepy.

characters from touma. he was there as well (his booth was next to mori chack’s) but he wasn’t as popular. maybe because his characters are not as cute and targets at a different audience.

i also bought a tofu kubrick by devilrobot but did not queue up for his autograph because he’s not as handsome as mori chack. HAHA. :\

saw the imaginary friends booth and took a picture of artgerm. secretly. *peace sign*

had lunch at the asian kitchen after roaming at the convention for almost 2 hours.

met up with ah liam today for a secret but not so secret mission. :D thanks so much for the strawberry shortcake nightie. :):):)


2 thoughts on “a takoball, burger and toy affair

  1. “unless you know, i know. (:” – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    “met up with ah liam today for a secret but not so secret mission” – HAHAHAHAHAHHHA

    “saw the imaginary friends booth and took a picture of artgerm. secretly. *peace sign*” – HAHAHAHAHAH

    Blythe Blythe Blythe. I don’t fancy dolls but Blythe is pretty!

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