this year, i’m taking part in the LoveSingapore fast. i have never taken part in this despite knowing about it for a very long time. i feel that i really need to do this partly for repentence as well.

there are many types of fasts and there are no limits to what you can fast. so, i’ve decided to fast the internet. that means no blogging, no chatting online, no spree-ing, no reading of blogs, no watching dramas, no downloading stuff etc etc. it’s going to be difficult for me, really. 3 days is fine. but 40 days is… long. no celeb gossip from trent/art updates from deviantart for a month! no music news from absolutepunk. no chatting too! but everytime i feel like giving up this idea, God will remind me that since i have made this promise, i should do it.

so why fast the internet? because i use it everyday. without fail. during lunchtime, when i get home. basically, every minute i’m at home, i’ll be online. even though when i have nothing to do online, i’ll still be online. – does this make any sense?! i’ve tried not turning on the computer when i’m at home for half a day but i could not take it. it’s like a drug.

and this hinders me from spending time with God (reading the bible). i really want to grow in His word and be a person that sees things His way instead of what the world sees. i want to understand Him more and be more disciplined. i’ve thought about fasting food but i will still have the internet to distract me from my hunger. so there’s no point in that.

some probably won’t understand why i’m doing this but to those who understands, i hope you’ll give me the support i need. :D

i’ll still be 100% contactable via mobile though + 10 minutes of checking emails everyday. can’t give that up because i need to email my resumes!

mega HUGE HUGE post on the 9th of august. so many things to look forward to and one of them being SINGFEST. XD


6 thoughts on “discipline

  1. HEY cuzzie!!! Congrats :D Me thinks this has something to do with your fasting. Hahaha. I’m so happiee for you. Keep glorifying God!

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