im not dead

just want to say that i’m not dead. yet. :D i want to blog so badly but i just ain’t got the time, really. and to be honest, i haven’t even started editing any pictures.

the fast has been really great. my spiritual walk with God has strengthened ten-folds. before the fast started, i surrendered 3 things into His hands:
1) my future – what plans he has for me. job? school? when? how? what?
2) my dad to go back to church again
3) my walk with Him to be restored once more

out of the 3 things, He answered 1) and 3). 2) is in progress. last week, my dad actually went to a cell group outing on his own without my mom! i’m amazed, awestruck and overwhelmed by His wondrous love despite me running away from God countless of times.

so yes, being barely back in cyberworld, i’m sad to say that i will be on hiatus once more for 10 days starting tomorrow because i’m flying to japan. :D and when i’m back, i don’t know if i have the time to blog because:

1) 23 august (the same day i come back): ah liam’s 21st birthday party
2) 28/29 august: new student orientation
3) 31 august: nike+ human race with ah liam and sheena
4) 2 september: school starts
5) additional to these, i have to complete about 400+ drawings before the first day of school.
6) plus, there’s a test during the first week.

no doubt, i’m really excited about school (digipen) despite the huge bomb (the 800-sketch assignment) they sent me with the enrollment forms and stuff. it’s really amazing how i got in (shan’t go into details but ask me personally if you want to know?) all glory to God’s grace. non-believers would probably think it’s luck or fate but how can that be when the word “luck” is derived from “lucifer” = the devil?

alrighty, i’m off to pack now! じゃ、また!


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