singfest and july baby birthday celebrations

i figured that i needed to clear backdated posts before i start on my japan trip.

singfest this year was not as good as last year’s because the band lineup wasn’t as fantastic. we didn’t fangirl as much either. no queuing up for entry early in the morning as well.

take a look at the legend stage featuring local bands playing concurrently with the main concert. this is so redundant please.

quite a number of people were already at the main stage when we walked in. sat on the grass until new found glory came on stage at 5+pm.

we were pretty close to the stage as you can see from the picture above. i am never going to queue up for any concerts in the future (except for TAI or paramore or cobra starship or all time low or …)

pardon the vulgar hand gesture. new found glory was alright i guess. i could only sing along to one of their old school songs but other than that, i was just bobbing my head to the beat.

next up was melee, i have never heard of them before singfest but totally fell in love with them after that. the lead singer was kinda hot in a geeky way.

the guitarist was hotter though. :D

chris went “woah” when he saw one of the planes from the national day rehearsal fly past. so cute.

after melee played, there was this levi’s catwalk thing. what a time-waster even though i enjoyed looking at the male models. *coughs*

lostprophets made us wait for almost an hour before coming on stage. apparently, their flight was late. boo. they only played a measly amount of  7 songs.

i think ian watkins should get a haircut and a shave. he looks like a drag queen. :\ someone in the crowd actually screamed “cut your hair”. he heard it and replied “YOU cut your hair”. LOL. hilarious.


simple plan was next.

i was already quite tired at this point of the concert. when travis played, i totally stoned because their songs were like lullabies.

pierre (simple plan) came to the merchandise booth because he said he would. i wanted a picture with him but due to time constraints, they only allowed signatures. so i got this:


on to the birthday celebrations! first, we celebrated gwen’s birthday on 5th July.

we wanted to give her a surprise but it got messed up because of the waiter at manhatten fish market >:O but it’s okay. after lunch, we went to chinatown for karaoke. 10 bucks for 5 hours with a bowl of sharkfin’s soup and free flow of drinks. what a good deal. the place wasn’t as snazzy as kbox but still acceptable.

celebrated green-chan’s birthday on 28th july. :)

she was surprised alright. especially when the birthday song starting blaring out from the speakers.

i love giving surprises and seeing the happy smiles on people’s faces.


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