liam’s birthday party

celebrated liam’s birthday at costa sands last saturday (23.08.08).

door gifts and guestbook.

the food. love the beehoon best.

some pictures from the party. was pretty tired during the party but i had fun catching up with friends. liam’s present from us was an adidas jacket and an oven. she’s going to be a baking mama soon. :D

on another note, i just had a 2-day orientation at school. quite stressed out due to the fact that one of my professors was an animator at disney for 13 years (okay, i have to admit that i’m quite excited about this) , one guy from my course finished his 800 sketches, probably about 10 has finished more than half and what am i doing here? *runs off*

will update about my japan trip soon.


3 thoughts on “liam’s birthday party

  1. babe! it’s been so long since i’ve commented!

    congrats on your new sch! i’m sure you’ll have so much fun with your new friends and learning new things as well!

    btw, send me the photos from liam’s bday! :D

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