15.08.08 (fri) 日本 day 2: osaka

you got to love the ultra blue skies in osaka. they looked normal when seen direct with human eyes but it’s totally different when captured by the camera.

started off the day with:

a melon pan (abundant supply of them in japan)

and meiji’s blueberry yogurt (the best yogurt i’ve ever eaten).

made our way to the kaiyukan aquarium – the biggest in the world (i think). they have a whale in there! but we didn’t manage to go because the grown-ups didn’t want to wait in the hot sun with the 10-km long queue. boo.

so we went to have lunch instead.

ebi tempura donburi,

miso udon,

my oyako donburi,

aburaage ramen,

sushi to share,

and matcha ice cream for dessert!

oh, how i marvel at the sky.

random shot of my aunt and dad with their water bottles.

we proceeded on to the osaka main station for some shopping.

went to hankyu first. love their food level because of the displays.

omurice! looks darn good!



and cakes! these are real by the way.

at one point of this trip, i got really sick of taking pictures of food replicas because they are EVERYWHERE.

random supermarket shot. sadly the season for strawberries have passed. summer is where people eat grapes, watermelons, peaches and figs. equally good (and huge) as well.

after that, we walked around at other malls. i went to kinokuniya too! bought a couple of their art books which are not available in singapore.

met with pong after her work at the lab. went to this takoyaki/okonomiya eatery near pongie’s dorm.

now, this is the fun part:

d.i.y. takoyaki! not that i haven’t done this before, but it’s way better and faster. i guess metal heating plates works better than stove fires because there is an equal distribution of heat.

mission accomplished, time to tuck in!

we also ordered:


and 2 okonomiyaki. they were served ready-made though.

after dinner, pongie went back to her dorm to get her stuff and friend while we waited at mister donut.

everything just looked so good.

we shared 2 ice cream donuts

and half a dozen of assorted donut holes.

once pongie and her fellow scholar-mate, wan ning (i call her wanzy) arrived, we headed back to the hotel. i think it was already 11+pm when we got there.

after taking our baths, we camwhored in our yukata provided by the hotel. horrendous pattern, i must say.


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