school’s in

as some of you might know, i started school this week. and boy, we already have homework to do. university life is totally different from poly where we can slack and skip lectures on the first week because there’s nothing much on the first lesson anyways.

so, one of my “homework” is to read this greek mythology book which, in my opinion, is total crap although interesting. let me give you an example:

“Pallas Athena was the daughter of Zeus alone. no mother bore her. full grown and in full armor, she sprang from his head.”

i actually LOL-ed after reading this. no offence to greeks, romans or anyone who believes in mythology. i always thought stuff about zeus and hercules were more like fairytales. :\

my 800 drawings are still going on. a few of my classmates have handed up their sketchbooks because some got accepted end may. if i had that kind of time, i would have finished too! my professor’s assistant actually emailed us (i doubt she knows our situation) and said that the rest of us have to hand it in tomorrow. even if i don’t sleep/eat/bathe, i definitely won’t be able to make it in time.

life is so unfair.


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