the mad hatter has mad hair

meet my lightbox. damnyouobesebox is his name (yes, he’s a guy). dragging him from school all the way home, made my back ache.

i have to use damnyouobesebox because i’m currently working on this 23-frame mad hatter reel. we have to complete the 11 inbetweens by next monday. and i thought we were going to animate some freaking ball during the first lesson of animation class just like what we did during flash in poly days. but NO, our professor practically threw this at us and said, “you have 2 weeks”. great. there’s this particular scene which is simply madness because we are supposed to animate him shaking his head. i am so going to ask for help from prof. on that. hoho~

many many assignments to hand up next week:

(mon): 25 sketches, 5-key frame water splash animation by hand, 9 drawings of different types of splashes, web research on the different scale of water splashes, oral review on mythology book.

(tue): essay comparing prehistoric art and impressionism art.

(thur): quiz on mythology book.

(fri): structure graph and story sequence list for this movie called “run lola run”. hilarious movie even though it’s in german.

woohoo! let’s go out and play!


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