twilight doodle

i figured that i needed to do a quick doodle to destress myself before i start on my homework which would probably burn my weekend away into ashes. i got hooked to twilight ever since i saw the movie trailer and read the first book days ago. i’ve always wanted to read the books but they are forever on loan in the library. so once i found out that kinokuniya@bugis was having a 20% sale for members, i bought the whole set immediately. now, i have to lock them in my cupboard because the workload that i have is almost the same as last weeks. can’t give in to temptation!

must. watch. this. movie!

p.s. will do a japan post soon.


7 thoughts on “twilight doodle

  1. haha, dear cuzzie, that is the exact same poster i have in my room :D but it says TWILIGHT edward & bella instead of the release date :D and very impressive drawings btw, i’m so proud of my itoko-chan!


    cuzzie: thanks cuzzie! your room must be full of posters. it’s sad that they pushed HBP to next yr :( okay random. haha

  3. haha, not random at all! i was SO SAD when i first found out about the postponing, but when i heard of twilight replacing it, i was just like, WHO CARES! edward cullen comes before harry, hahaha. so obssessed eh… that’s me!

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