16.08.08 (sat) 日本 day 3: kashiwara, nippombashi, rinku-town

i think i ate meiji yogurt almost everyday for the entire trip. marigold is nothing compared to this.

that was my breakfast by the way. including tuna salad:

because i was having poo problems.

it so happens that the three of us planned to wear red on that day. we called ourselves the “赤い女の子” (red girls).

on the train to kashiwara. we were going to a vineyard for grape-picking. have always wanted to experience this. too bad it ain’t strawberry season :(

our itinerary guide stated that there would be a free shuttle from the train station to the vineyard but we had no idea where to wait. we saw a couple of cute old men, who were probably in their 60s, tending a booth with loads of grape posters, so we approached them. obviously people that age don’t speak english, but we managed to communicate with them.

apparently, the “shuttle bus” was just a van. the driver was really friendly and chatty even though he knew that we might not understand him. initially we could answer his questions but after that nothing made sense.

some shots along the way:

we were greeted by two obaasan when we got down from the van. the driver explained to them that we are ”外人” gaijin (which actually means aliens) and they were quite surprised. lol. i guess they dont get many foreigners in their vineyards.

it’s a grape buffet!

picnic setting.

not the best grapes i’ve eaten in japan but still great. i prefer the huge champagne grapes though – smooth texture and utterly sweet. thinking about it makes my mouth water.

me getting a bunch of grapes.

love these as well. they tasted like carbonated grape drink on its own. i lost count of how many bunches of grapes we ate. by the end of it all, we all agreed that we are not eating any grapes for a year (except for champagne grapes, of course).

saw this cute caterpillar on the ground which almost crawled up pongie’s leg.

after our grape brunch, we headed to namba once more because the JR line does not connect to nippombashi. we had to walk from namba instead which was really… long but shops on the way there entertained us.

we had no idea what this was for when we first saw it. but on the way back, we saw a family trying to melt the ice by inducing friction to get the coupons in the ice. cool way to encourage family bonding.

passed by a ghibli shop and got a tad irritated by the repetitive “ponyo on the cliff” song. that’s pongie with a soot ball. it vibrates and moves around just like a normal soot ball. excellent for playing tag. :\

we have finally arrived! nippombashi also know as “den den town” is osaka’s equivalent to tokyo’s akihabara, the place with loads of anime/hentai/electronics. i was quite cautious when entering comic shops, scanning the room to see where most guys gather and avoiding that section. lol.

we wanted to go to a maid cafe but most of them were too kinky and the food was twice its normal price. so we decided to give it a pass.

had late lunch at a shop which specialises in cold soba.

carbs galore.

we walked some more to digest our carbs.

took purikura – it’s been eons since i’ve taken one.

we went back to the hotel to dump our things before heading to the factory outlets which is conveniently situated just opposite the hotel.

had matcha pudding from lawson before heading out.

was quite disappointed because the matcha taste was not strong enough for me.

the first store i ran into was:

bought a skirt for less than S$30. thereafter, we spilt up with the adults.

other brands. we couldn’t be bothered to walk into those though. how cheap can dolce & gabbana get anyways?

best place to get accessories. i’m not saying that just because it’s my name. i went there twice and bought stuff on both occasions because they were having this awesome sale.

we stayed there until closing time; 9.30pm.

made a stop at the supermarket before heading back.

saw this amazing display of sushi made entirely out of paper and cardboard outside a restaurant. the japanese never cease to amaze me with their creativity.


7 thoughts on “16.08.08 (sat) 日本 day 3: kashiwara, nippombashi, rinku-town

  1. it’s just perfect to have the factory outlets just OPPOSITE YOUR HOTEL!!! which hotel is that!!!

    is this trip a DIY trip? i’m actually planning to go to Japan for my 21st birthday but i don’t really like to join tours BUT Japan seems too big to DIY the trip myself! PLUS I don’t even understand & speak Japanese…


    ah liam: super yummy. 10 x more yummy than china grapes. LOL.

    puff: noooo. lol. i have special sale because i told them my name’s claire. XD

    gwenz: the hotel = ANA Gate Tower hotel near the kansai airport. i don’t like man. super far away from town. i prefer to be more centralized haha.

    this trip is entirely DIY! i think DIY 100x better than tours lor. i agree it’s damn huge, so we have to choose which places we want to go the MOST. die die must go that kind. haha. you don’t really need to speak the language to go there. most of them can understand you. even the train control station ppl. :D most of them are helpful so yea, think can survive. haha!

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