17.08.08 (sun) 日本 day 4: kyoto, gion

+43 more pictures :)

breakfast! either i’m biased or sandwiches in japan taste exceptionally good. the bread is cotton candy soft.

headed up to kyoto! the hotel at kansai was kind enough to let us leave our huge luggages (full of shopping goods) until our last day in japan because we didn’t want to drag them all the way to kyoto/tokyo and back.

kyoto station was HUGE. it looked more like a busy airport.

the famous kyoto tower? not sure how famous it is but i took a picture just in case. lol.

after checking into our hotel (ana hotel kyoto), we went to the reception and asked them to introduce us a good place to eat. they pointed out that there’s this really cheap eatery just 2 blocks away from the hotel. they even gave us the exact directions on how to get there.

camwhored a little while waiting for the food to arrive. had to take a picture of the cute little girl because she was too cute.

my karaage set. only ¥700 (S$8.96)! i guess the price is normal for singapore standards but not in japan as most set meals are usually above ¥1000.

hamburger set.

stir-fried pork set.

saba fish set. (liam, your favourite)

after lunch, we went visited the nijo castle which was just conveniently opposite our hotel.

no photography was allowed within the castle itself. :( it was amazing inside. i could totally get lost if not for the one-way route barriers.

more pictures of the place.

after walking one round, we took a bus down to another tourist site. touring kyoto is pretty much more accessible by bus instead of taking the subway.

i was so worried that we might get lost or miss a bus stop just like i always do when i go to a new place by bus in singapore. but i was flabbergasted when i found out that the buses work exactly the same as their subways. they announced every stop and even tells you what are the attractions near the stop. oh japan, no words can explain how much i love you.

the entrance of 金閣寺 (kinkaku-ji, golden pavilion temple).

our entrance ticket. :\ i think it looks like the charm that ancient chinese pasted on zombie’s foreheads.

the first signs of autumn.

we got one of each and shared them among the 6 of us. i don’t think i need to say which one is my favourite. :P

we went to gion next, hoping to see a geisha coming out of their abode. the hotel receptionist told us that the best time to go there was at 6-7pm. we were already there at 5pm.

saw this red temple but decided to give it a miss.

this alley reminded me of “memoirs of a geisha”. lol. we saw lots of tourists hanging around obviously for the same reasons as well.

one of the many teahouses there. red lantern = geisha teahouse.

the first and last fine sign that i saw in japan.

choux cream tea house! we almost wanted to go in but most of the cream puffs were already sold out despite my picture because those are fake ones.

sadly, i didn’t get a single glimpse of any geisha. pongie and wanzie saw 2 in a taxi though. and it drove away too fast for any picture taking.

we did see 2 girls in yukata though but not satisfying enough.

took a bus back to the kyoto station for dinner. we saw a shelf of fake cakes along the stretch of restaurants:

this has got to be my favourite:

look at the amount of strawberries used!

after dinner, we sent pongie and wanzie off. it was fun spending the weekend with them.

shall blog about tokyo next! not sure when though. :P


7 thoughts on “17.08.08 (sun) 日本 day 4: kyoto, gion

  1. I’ve not read the whole thing cause it’s supaaduupa long but I just want to say haloooo and take care 8Db

    *passes puffy puff*

  2. Okay read the whole thing. Japan is just simply awesome.

    Blog more of your travels! Cause they’re awesome posts xD

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