18.08.08 (mon) 日本 day 5: tokyo, shinjuku

+ 13 more pictures.

this is such a short post because we spent half the day in the shinkansen from osaka to tokyo.

before boarding, we bought our lunch!

a kid across the aisle stared at me while i was happily taking pictures of my food. lol. i guess he must be thinking, “what’s so interesting about the bento?”

upon reaching tokyo, we took the JR line to:

where our hotel is.

this was one of the hotels that we stayed in during the previous japan trip.

it was the best one during the whole tour. so glad that my aunt has affiliations to this hotel. XD

after checking in and dumping our luggages in the room, we headed to shinjuku.

the huge takashimaya at times square.

along the way, we saw krispy kreme!

i would have totally dragged the grown-ups in there if not for the ridiculous queue.

a random nightshot:

it was about 7+pm, and the shops were preparing to close already. the food section at department stores would always have a last-hour-before-closing sale. we all bought stuff and went back to the hotel for dinner.

i just can’t live without this yogurt:

chocolate and strawberry dango.

amazing yaki-pudding.

turned on the tv and saw arashi performing:
took a totally unglamorous shot of sho.

and that’s all for now!


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