meet chadwick

chadwick, the powershot g10, is my new camera. just bought him 2 hours ago at sitex 2008. big thanks to j-ness for driving me down (and ended up buying the same camera as me. tsk. it got us a tripod each though) :P

although chadwick is a monster next to my ixus 50, i don’t care! the LCD screen is huge, it’s 14.7 megapixels and produces high quality images (the macro is awesome).

i am so going to save up for the fish-eye and telephoto lens.

more chadwick hotness under the cut:

oh, what blur pictures. *throws ixus 50 away*

can’t wait to use it tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “meet chadwick


    gwenz: thanks! XD cant wait to take pictures of you with it :P

    liam: haha. will take lots of macro shots of ur face XD lololol


    pongz: yay! u’re coming back in march?! hoho! can’t wait. why you come back during cherry blossom season :\ lol. anyways, my cam does not do night shots too well. but still alright. XD

  3. Nono, I’m going back when the cherry blossoms start blossoming in Apr! Hahaha. There’s nothing in March. And yea, there’s also no better time than March next year also. 今、大阪は寒いな!Appreciate the warm, sunny, moist Singapore. Looking for a cammie with good night shots.. Hate my casio exilim nightshots, everything looks like a ghost.

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