are you in the holiday mood?

it was chadwick’s first day out. am loving him more and more every second. :D

8 more pictures under the cut.

met ah liam for dinner at soup spoon.
her mushroom sandwich.

my penne lentil salad. serving was so huge, i couldn’t finish it.

dessert was on ah liam! thanks liam :D you make me feel so loved. haha.

walked to marina square and saw elmo on stage.
i love that chadwick can capture objects in motion without any blur.

liam’s bear bank from mini toons.

when two or more girls come together, they have to take pictures! actually i take pictures when i’m alone too. but not as many i guess.

christmas tree at city link.

christmas tree outside raffles city. gaudy-looking tree. i think it would look better with blue lights.

the decorations for this year is really bad. it doesn’t feel magical anymore. neither do i feel the holiday cheer probably because of school. maybe i will feel it when winter break starts.


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