this is how i roll

sigh. the constant irregularity of my sleep pattern has gotten me sick. haven’t seen the doctor for years – more than 3, i believe. i try to avoid seeing them because i hate medicine (except for pi pa gao). pills are my ultimate nightmare. i remember barfing every time i tried to swallow a pill in the past. but i’m smart now. jelly is my ultimate weapon. wee~ if you have the same problem like i do, just cram your mouth with jelly, mash it, pop in the pill and swallow the whole damn thing.

today was the last day of school, technically. next week is finals week. 3 written papers, 1 drawing paper and 1 presentation. on top of that, i have 1/4 of my essay to complete, 10 flower drawings and CG 3 character model sheets, prop sheet, 3 emotes and 1 action pose for my character by thursday. yes, i know i know. just do, don’t think about it. >_<

pray for me please. pray that i will survive this ordeal.


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