fairytale with a twist

although i’m down with the flu, i still went out to spread the germs love. :D well, i can’t help it. my mom bought the tickets for this play a month ago.

at the end of every year, wild rice productions will take a fairytale and give it a twist. previous fairytales include sleeping beauty, jack and the bean sprout, aladdin and cinderella. i wonder what they are going to do next year. can i have little mermaid please!

although this play was written for children, the scriptwriter sure knows how to keep the older ones entertained as well by inserting political jokes and other parodies that little kids wouldn’t know. or maybe they do. *shrugs*

the cast were a lively bunch. im so amazed by the clear, crisp sound of their voice. professionals, truly professionals. i liked how they interacted with the audience. thankfully there were a LOT of kids. if not, the audience would probably be quite unresponsive. me included.

i wanted to take a picture during the play but my area was being watched by a very very very alerted hawk so i decided not to.

after the show, there was an autograph session with the main cast:

i went for it because i wanted to see the prince up close. XD sorry for being such a fangirl. he looked so dashing on stage, i just had to see how he looks like up close.

from left to right: the evil queen (which happens to be a guy), snow white, prince charming…

PRINCE CHARMING. he looked kinda plastic up close due to his make up. then, i realised he’s actually dwayne tan from singapore idol season 1 top 30. he looks so different! 100 times *coughs*cuter*coughs* now.

a girl can swoon, can’t she?


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