0.5 down, 3.5 more to go

i can finally sleep in peace again! this week has been really tough. survived with only an average of 3-4 hours of sleep per night. i’m so going to treasure these 2 weeks of break with all my heart and soul before embarking on yet another tremulous semester (jazno said it’s going to be worse :\).

so my break is going to be pretty much packed with outings and whatnots:
12 dec: lunch with f.paps
13 dec: dad’s company family day at the zoo
14 dec: dinner with puff and green-chan
15-17 dec: genting + kl with family
19-24 dec: “CCIS: celebrating christmas in singapore” (it’s a christmas event at orchard road. my church’s youth group is going to perform a musical during the evenings for these 6 nights and i’ll probably be helping out almost everyday)
21 dec: distant uncle’s wedding dinner
22 dec: mom’s birthday (undecided on what to do)
23 dec: twilight day
24 dec: meet up with the girlies and AFCs
29 dec: haircut + thai express with am and f.paps
1-3 jan: cell retreat at batam
4 jan: meet up with the carbohydrates

there will most likely be more outings inbetween but this is pretty much my schedule so far. i’m having a stomachache right now because i drank hot soup straight after drinking a glass of milk. i knew the outcome of this but i still did it anyways :\ i think i’m not in my right mind anymore.

and i’m sleeping early today because I DESERVE IT. goodnight.


4 thoughts on “0.5 down, 3.5 more to go


    ah liam: YESYESYESYES. my long holiday is from 25 apr – 1 sep. madness. want me to rot only but will be working. XD i miss you and ah gwenz. can’t wait to meet up.

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