korean foodie post

had lunch with f.paps yesterday as planned. school has made me anti-social so now is the time to socialize with my friends again. XD

had cravings for hot stone bibimbap ever since j-ness described it to me. >:( i have always been eating cold ones at food courts.

started with appetizers:


i was pissed at myself for not taking a picture of the bibimbap before stirring:
best bibimbap i have ever eaten. burnt my thumb in the process because i touched the bowl, forgetting it was scalding hot.

anyways, i think i shall try to make this at home one of these days because it seems relatively simple to do so. i only need the sauce~

kim chee soup.

after which, we headed to city hall for desserts at ocha – the matcha latte people.

kyoto matcha cheesecake. awesome stuff but the matcha is not strong enough for me.

f.paps matcha tiramisu. thanks for the treat, f.paps.

had cell in the evening. my pastor was sharing with my group about how her cancer has led her to embrace joy and being able to live. she told us to lead a healthy lifestyle (eat healthy, sleep early) to prevent mutation of cells and such. haha. healthy eating is something i’ve been doing except for occasional cakes. but sleeping early is a big problem. so i asked what if i have no choice? she said if you have no choice, God will give you special grace.  i believe in that really. but argh, i should really try to practice time management next semester. God has really blessed me in 2008 despite being such a naughty girl of His. i want to serve Him more more more! :) CCIS is coming soon. can’t wait! it’s going to be so good!


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