childhood buds

had a little gathering with the church girlies because gracie just got back from australia few weeks back.

went to church early in the morning to help alwyn with children’s church decorations for christmas service this sunday.

the stage.

i was in charge of building sheeps with abi and aaron.

met the girls at raffles city’s cafe cartel for tea. jas had to leave early for her makeup.

em’s carbonara

jas’ sandwich.

i ordered this student meal which only costs $3.80. they didn’t even check if i was a student. haha. although i am, i don’t have any proof because i have not gotten my digipen student id yet. :\

headed down to paragon to support YC in CCIS.

really thank God for the weather and smooth operation of the whole thing.

i’m off to bed now. it’s been a long day.


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