wedding bells

it was my distant uncle’s wedding yesterday. it’s been a long time since i’ve attended a wedding. the previous wedding was my cousin’s 4 years ago during my ‘O’ levels and i had to leave early because my last paper was the next day. >:(

18 more pictures under the cut.

because my grandma is very close to my grandaunt, she only invited my grandma’s side of the family to witness the couple’s solemnization. of course the bride’s family was there too.

apparently, my new aunt is the daughter of a MP. coincidently, he happens to be the MP for my area – yio chu kang. my brother was like, “it’s like seeing a celebrity!!! next time if we have any problems just go direct to him.” *rolls eyes* it’s not like he knows us anyway. :\

exchanging of rings and vows. i’ve never been to a non-christian/catholic wedding before so it was something new. the solemnizer was telling the couple how to manage finances, how to have a happy marriage etc..

telling us how much they love each other. :\

i like her dress!

my little cousin signing the guestbook.

more little cousins of mine.

grandma brodie and some granduncle. i have so many, i don’t even know who’s who. i only know the ones that i visit during chinese new year. this makes me realise that my extended family is bigger than it seems. o_o

on to the food!
cold dish. everybody had a fair share because we were served. gave my brother most of my stuff because because.

after the appetizers, we had a performance. teochew opera… i guess they had to cater to the old folks.

shark’s fin soup.

steamed pomfret.


i like this dress too! but not in red. black maybe? :D

yam seng session.

chinese spinach with mushrooms and crab.


dessert. red bean with sesame glutinous rice balls because it was glutinous rice ball day yesterday.

there were 8 dishes in total. didn’t take some of them because the server started serving before i could take a shot.

got home at about 11.30pm.

can’t wait for the next wedding dinner. *HINTS PONGIE*. LOL.


4 thoughts on “wedding bells

  1. Yes the dress is nice! As for the second one.. black eh? Mm.. have to see how it is in black, but the red is very nice still ^^

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