“how long have you been 17?”

watched 2 movies with j-ness yesterday. angus, thongs and perfect snogging and twilight. it’s quite normal for us really. we always watched 2 movies during film class last semester anyways. :D

angus, thongs and perfect snogging is a very girly whirly chick flick with a dazzling guy to drool at.
meet aaron johnson. some girls actually screamed when he appeared. i screamed too, in my heart. HAHA. i thought that the show was really entertaining, never a dull moment. love the sexy british accents too.

headed down to paragon for lunch at shimbashi soba because i heard that the soba is pretty close to the ones found in japan.


after that, we went to kinokuniya to get some books. looking at the japanese craft books just makes me want to make a trip back to japan again because it’s so much cheaper over there.

next up was twilight. it was just o-k-a-y-ish. the book was like 10 times better than the movie please. i just don’t feel the connection between kristen (bella) and robert (edward). they don’t seem to be in deep deep love. i guess i expected too much.

dinner was at au petit salut, a french restaurant at harding road.

free flow (i think) of warm baguette makes me happy. :D

escargots. fancy words for snails. obviously not mine. used to eat them when i was younger though. my mom used to make them quite often. :\

because i did not have any entrées, the waitress gave me a small cup of clam chowder. so nice.

oven roasted lamb rack served with ratatouille and mashed potato.

my penne pasta with eggplant, tomatoes, garlic and parmesan cheese. it was pretty good but the serving was a tad too huge for me.

no matter how full i am, i can never say no to desserts.
you might think that this is mine but it ain’t!

decided to have the chocolate fondant cake with chocolate sorbet. the sorbet was very light and complimented well with the rich chocolate cake. from the picture, you can see that the chocolate is not flow-y enough. but still awesome though.

reached home at around 9pm. soon bee came over to my house to bake cookies for her boyfriend. haven’t seen her since school started.

the dough.

soon bee concentrating on making her love cookies.

in the oven.

the outcome.

am so tired right now after the outing with the girlies and AFCs. shall blog about it tomorrow.


9 thoughts on ““how long have you been 17?”

  1. I watched Aaron Johnson in the Movie ‘Angus, thongs and perfect snogging’!
    He was amazing! < NOT only EXTREMLEY good looking but an amazing acort! I found out that I LOVE HIM! :) x

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