new hair; ah toot version

went down all the way to am’s house at ubi for my haircut. have been contemplating about cutting bangs for quite some time. decided to do so at least once before i grow old and wrinkly. mom said i used to look like a small girl. now, i’m smaller than small. i think she is exaggerating. :\ i’m not really used to my current fringe but i guess i will soon enough.

10 more pictures under the cut.

am cutting my hair. it’s the second time she’s cutting my hair and she never fails to satisfy me. i do the research and bring pictures while she implements what i want to suit my face. professional~ i think she will be my hairstylist for life. XD

LB was there too. after our haircuts, we went for dinner at this authentic thai eatery downstairs. so cheap (the average price for each dish is around $5) and 10 times better than thai express too!

chicken with basil leaves.

mango salad.


baby kailan.


beef salad.


pandan chicken.


seafood vermicelli salad.


chicken salad.

before heading down to am’s house, i went to cotton on to get my risky business shades. need them for my batam trip. it’s a pity they do not have other colours.


5 thoughts on “new hair; ah toot version


    ah liam: haha. comment so many at one shot! thanks liam. im still not used to my fringe man. and i love your nose pack lor. am saving it when school starts. HAHA. loves u liamy. :D meet when i get back.

  2. 可愛い!!!
    Coming back soon Cuz.. Bring me go eat something unJap.
    And I’ll bring you back nice Jap snacks.

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