batam retreat with the cellies

it’s good to be back home. had a fun time hanging out with the cellies, something that i’ve not done ever since i started going back to church regularly in june.

playing winning eleven on the ps3 with the guys has got to be one of the most deafening thing in the world.

27 more pictures under the cut.

in no apparent order:
ah sia and i.

the girl’s villa. we had 3 villas in total. 2 for guys and 1 for the girls because there were only 9 girls.

part of the beach.

on the way to the lobby.

the pool.

jeans, ai mei li (emily), ah sia

inside the villa. this is the living room. there’s a kitchen and 3 bedrooms as well.

one of the many piers at the beach.

anai, ah sia, ai mei li

the girls on the steps of the pier.

ai mei li and i.

one of the crabs that the some of the guys caught on the beach.

ai mei li, milson (the coconut that i found) and i.

shot by jo: anai, andy and half of chee fai at this seafood restaurant which is sooo cheap but very suckylicious.

ah sia and i.

the gang sabotaged euge and daniel to go up the stage to sing ge tai. he sang some hokkien song with too much gusto and scared the crap out of euge. hilarious.

sam got sabotaged as well. he played the piano and sang his own songs instead of choosing some dialect song. and that’s ivan, the human mike stand.

jason’s birthday cake. jeans bought it while 22 out of the 27 people went for massage. i was one of the 5 who did not go for it even though it was only 10 bucks for an hour. i don’t like people touching my body. so the rest of us went to the mall, walked around and played at the arcade for a little while. nothing much there though… the mall even blacked-out 3 times.

jia hao and ruth lighting up the cake secretly.

jason cutting the cake.

so cute larh, this couple.

the guys. there’s one with the girls but it’s not in my camera. in fact, a handful of group shots with me in it are not in my camera. i’m sure it will be up on facebook soon. my church mates are all facebook junkies.

girls playing grabble.

all ready to check out.

random shot.

ai mei li and jeans.

me and ai mei li .

my nose hurts a little (due to sun burn) and so does my stomach. have been eating junk for the past few days. i think my stomach is not used the oil and stuff. intense swimming for the whole of next week before school starts!

meeting up with the carbs tomorrow. have not seen them since 29th june 2008!!! goodness has it been that long?


5 thoughts on “batam retreat with the cellies


      ah gwen: really?! same resort? it’s relaxing but boring at the same time. HAHA. 3 days there is enough already. i don’t mind going. sooo cheap.

  1. how cheap.. hahaha.. go in feb! actually..we can go in jan..cny period.. LOL 4 days free.. but yea.. romantic with me..hehehe


    puff: *Waves back*

    ah liam: mad cannot. i have to visit relatives 1. haha. feb? why feb? i got school lehhh. how cheap ah.. the more people the cheaper? i paid 150 includes transport, lodging and food.

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