it’s back to school

it’s the first day of school and i already have a homework assignment. no surprises there since we even have holiday ones. am trying very hard to adjust my mind to back school mode now.

sheena, lok ling, eli and i decided to head down to oh carol’s (a cafe near our school) for lunch. we were actually supposed to celebrate the last day of school there last year but we postponed it to today instead.

7 more pictures under the cut.

pardon the lousy quality of mobile-taken pictures because i left chadwick at home.
eli’s and sheena’s burgers.

lok ling’s carbonara.

my spaghetti with tomatoes, broccoli and fresh mushrooms. me likes. my mom cooked marvelous shiitake and oyster mushrooms for dinner yesterday and i think i ate most of it. *coughs*

we ordered dessert as well:
eli’s panna cotta.

sheena’s chocolate fondant.

my dessert platter made up of 2 brownies, 1 cheesecake and apple stick. the cheesecake wad kinda interesting. crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

a failed group shot.

time to start work! move it lazy bones of mine!


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