gumballs and gummy bears

a random picture of my classroom. this is the place where we do all our nude life drawings and what-not.

met ah liam for dinner after school on wednesday.

5 more pictures under the cut.

satisfied my cravings for sushi.

i think i can sign up to be a spokesperson for sushi. haha! feel like having some again at this very moment.

ah liam’s indonesian grilled fish.

we went to bugis village. saw a couple of dresses which i liked but i think i should really stop buying them because i can’t really wear them to school either due to the freezing conditions.

some pictures of us.



it’s chinese new year! and i’m so screwed because i have a 4-page essay and 10 tonal studies to hand up on wednesday. wee?


4 thoughts on “gumballs and gummy bears

  1. nude? Cover your eyes! My cuzzie’s too innocent for this! 頑張ってね!A least have a good reunion dinner. Don’t miss me too much! Having dimsum.


    ah liam: haha! what did i say sia. can’t rmb. anyways the model we had this week was kinda sexy. slim body. LOL!

    pongie: LOL. i have no choice. it’s part of our curriculum. :P have not seen a male yet though. only females and i’m kinda used to seeing naked females (mom) :X.

    puff: lol i dont think so :\. but it’s indonesian cuisine. haha

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