oh what fun…

bakerzin is having a promotion! their warm chocolate cake is now at $4.90 instead of $9.80. pretty good deal i must say. next month, their macarons will go for $1 each instead of $1.50. :D

life is really good right now. i love my lecturers for giving me lots of homework. *sarcasm intended*

let’s see. on monday, 2 february, i have to hand up
– 4 tonal still life drawings
– some complicated journal assignment. will probably take me a whole day to explain it.

5 february (thursday) is a killer…
– baby herman’s walk and run cycle
– 10 memory figure gestures and 10 outdoor cafe drawings
– biology quiz on skeletons – bones, joints.
– back/front/side view drawing of the skeleton.

WEE. let’s party!

in case you were wondering, this is baby herman (from who framed roger rabbit):

just a warm up before i actually start animating. have already done the roughs for the walk.



p.s. oh oh! we had 2 different male nude models today… one during art class and one during biology class. LOL. my eyes feel kinda sore now. *coughs* but yea, it was alright though. didn’t freak out like i thought i would initially. used to all the nude-ness already. so when my mom told me about the couple-walking-around-in-birthday-suit thing at holland v.. i was like okay.. no biggie. haha!


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