the mischievous imp

my cousin came over for awhile because he was pestering his dad to bring him out for visiting. the poor guy was sick during the holidays. he even got hit by his classmate thus the black eye. i have a feeling he did something to the guy and that was his payback. he may look all cute and innocent but i’ve heard the adults talking about his behavior at school and stuff. lol. oh wells.

he was disturbing me while i was doing my homework. messing with my pencil case, clicking my mouse, stealing my ear buds and taking out the cotton buds. he even switched off my computer when i was away from the room. couldn’t stay mad at him for long though.

talking about homework and assignments, i just got a new one… i have to submit 100 photographs of one attraction (haw par villa/asian civilizations musuem/toy musuem etc etc. – not gonna list them all but you get the gist) by this wednesday. T_T it has to tell a story too. oh. what. fun. it would be fun though.. if i didn’t have like 343249 other assignments to complete.

may God’s peace be with me. seriously.


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