i love quirky stuff

websites like these distract me A LOT. i love any website that helps me stay connected to my favourite country and i always make sure that i go through every single entry before closing the evil window. that in turn makes me neglect my work and thus, the sleepless nights. LOL. but this week was alright. i managed to get some sleep every night. the least i had was 3 hours on wednesday.

so this website features trends in japan and most of them are rather quirky and LOL-ish. here are the top 10 which captured by attention:

#1 bandai curry bath powder
yes, CURRY bath powder… they even turn your bath water the colour of your desired curry. smells like it as well but ingredients like honey, milk and ginger are used to moisturize the skin. pongie, you should try this. LOL. why haven’t i seen this though? the loft should be selling these.

#2 soy sauce for ice cream
okay, it’s nothing special but i thought it would be cool to try it. salty + sweet = ♥

#3 karaoke pro voice pills
pop one before you sing and you’ll become a star. LOL. i don’t know if i should believe this. according to this review, it does not work at all. dang, i wanted to buy some for acting class because there’s one week where we have to sing.

#4 home soba maker
just add buckwheat flour and water. fresh noodles can be made within 20 minutes. i wanttt.

#5 brain udon
eating this would improve your brain functions like memory improvement. popular among students who studies late into the night for exams. i don’t mind this really. might increase my creativity.

#6 udon pudding
:| it really looks like a bowl of udon… but made up of confectionery ingredients.

#7 edelstein cafe
school boy themed cafe in harajuku. reminds me of ouran high school host club. haha. wanted to go last year but we couldn’t find any. so now i know.

#8 bandai mugen series
so far, they have come up with the 2 above plus the bubble wrap presser as well. it is said to increase your endomorphins or something. lol. i do get a kick playing with bubble wraps. should be fun opening a carton box over and over again i guess. :\

#9 belly reducing midnight yoghurt
this is a time sensitive yoghurt good for sleep and beauty support. only sold in convenience stores during the night. argh! i want! i wonder if meidi-ya sells it. if they do, i’m so going to get it.

#10 a wave pool during summer
insane madness. i won’t even bother to go. must as well stay home and soak in the bath tub with curry bath powder.

that’s it. :D *sigh* i don’t feel like doing any work now.. am going out with loks later for this chinese opera (never liked it much) integrated with animation at the esplanade later. jazno says we will get 10 extra points for going. why not. HAHA.


6 thoughts on “i love quirky stuff

  1. Haha. Yes I saw the curry bath at loft, it appeared like last year in October or November I think. And the bandai mugen toys. eto ne. I can get everything except for. the crowded wave pool :p

  2. no 1. HAHAAHA!

    no 2 is siao! lol.

    no 3 hmmmmm

    no 4 i bet if you own that, you gonna be eating soba everyday! i know you don’t mind.


    pongie: no curry bath for me thanks. LOL. no bath tub at home. :P wow that’s like 218 bucks. @_@ but i guess it’s all right if u are able to eat a lifetime of soba. XD

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