high-pitched screams

so loks and i went for the “chinese opera meets animation” thing… before that we had dinner at shokudo. brought my camera but forgot to put back the memory card yet again so yea.. no pictures of the fabulous food.

it wasn’t really THE chinese opera with the dancing people and glitzy costumes. the singapore chinese orchestra played while the animation complemented the music. we had no comments about the animation really… loks even told that she was going to concentrate on looking at the orchestra rather than the animation after the second act. LOL. i totally zoned out after the intermission.

chinese music is and never will be my thing. however, i was really amazed by the live sand painting. absolutely beautiful. after sitting through this, i realized that i know nothing about chinese myths. sure i’ve heard of characters like madam white snake and wu song but i don’t know what’s their story. haha! oh well.

back to work.


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