more unagi please

had dinner at this little eatery at far east with j-ness (dad’s working the afternoon shift so there’s no dinner at home). it only has 20 counter seats and 2 people manning the store; the chef and his wife. do not expect the common “irrashaimase!” you hear at almost all japanese eateries/restaurants. the ambiance there was kinda tense. :\

4  more pictures under the cut.

i went to check up on the place online before going there. read a lot of reviews complaining about the bad service. despite that, people still eat there due to the food. no double-ordering is accepted at wasabi tei unless you want to pay 20% more. and i totally forgot to order sashimi. argh! -_-.

unagi maki. the sauce is fantastic. i have no idea why i have such a strong craving for unagi this season. had unagi salad at shokudo with loks as well.

california maki. avocado love. these are all freshly rolled in front of your eyes.

chawanmushi with tons of mushrooms.

cod fish hot pot. thick fresh fish slices with probably half a cabbage in the pot.

shared everything except for the chawanmushi. was really full after that. quite worth it i must say. must bring my girls there sometime :D

japanese food makes me happy. (^_^)V


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