d.i.y. printed tote

i bought this plain canvas tote eons ago (2 years to be exact) but did not do anything to it due to the distraction of the wonderful internet.

since i’m relatively free this weekend, i decided to do something to it.

4 more pictures under the cut.

audrey hepburn – a famous style icon in the 60s. made a stencil from one of her most famous photos. i cut it painstakingly using a penknife. all those curves made me go dizzy. even sliced my finger a ‘lil bit.

dabbed black acrylic paint over the stencil using a sponge.

added highlights. i so screwed up on the pearl necklace.

end product. added the stripes to make it more french. LOL (maybe i should have left it plain? looks kinda good too. oh wells).

i see a lot of imperfections though… but i am still quite satisfied with it. :D am still thinking whether i should stencil a pink heart on the right. suggestions, anyone?

just doing a little market research. *coughs*

oh yes, i just got $400 from the garment; some gst offset thing. but i’m pretty sure i will spend more than $400 on gst in my whole life. :\ oh wells, it’s still money so i’m not complaining. :D


3 thoughts on “d.i.y. printed tote


    gwensie: lol yes! let’s gooo! the guys will have $_$ also so we go together lol.

    ah liam: haha. vertical cans. have to get. :D hohos.

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