apples and cinnamon

another birthday celebration this week. this time, it’s j-ness’ birthday. mandapanda went to buy the cake early in the morning.

6 more pictures under the cut.

so we had the blow-and-cut-cake session after film class.

hx presenting the cake.

j-ness opening the present that the group got for him. guy in brown is kelsie. guy in white is japher – the 15 year old dude. he and my brother are so similar.

eli and rahzy.

have been looking around for a hairband with a ribbon for quite some time. another influence from blair waldorf. saw some really nice ones online going for $12-$16. insane. so i decided to make my own. only worth $2.70. :D am going to make more!

dinner today:
2 slices of toast with sunny side up and sautéed apples with cinnamon. tastes like macdonald’s apple pie filling but not as sweet though. found the recipe online. definitely a keeper. i know this looks like breakfast but hey, there’s no rule saying you can’t eat breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast.

dessert: remains of the apples, japanese agar jelly (which has no taste at all), and a tablespoon full of haagen daaz green tea ice cream.

cell was at my place this week :D the rest of my members stays in bedok/tampines so i really appreciate them coming down. heh.

next week is going to be busy! not so much of work but more of outings because jazno wants us to watch slumdog millionaire. we have to show him our tickets for proof. we need to go ikea as well to get materials to build our sculpy clay model of a naked muscle man. LOL. that sounds wrong but it’s the fact. plus JASON MRAZ’s concert is next thursday. i can’t wait.


4 thoughts on “apples and cinnamon


    puff: haha aw.. there’s always next time puffo. you will get to go someday :) will take lots of pictures for your viewing pleasure though green chan is nearer to the stage den me :P

  2. Hope Mraz comes back next year or something. Yes pictures would be awesomes. Distance smishtance, it’s still okay lah :D

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