meet mr. muscle’s head. had biology class today. spent the 3 hours completing the homework (drawing and labeling facial muscles on skull) for next week. :D glad that i’m done with it. i can concentrate on my animation now!

met f.paps for dinner after school today because there’s no nude drawing with ubisoft today.

8 more pictures under the cut.

had sakae teppanyaki at plaza singapura:
complimentary salad that comes with the set dinner.

the chef.

the chef frying our garlic rice. he used A LOT of garlic. me likes.

the rice.

chicken yaki soba. it’s different from the ones i’ve eaten in japan. prefer those types. there’s one restaurant at liang court selling them. :D

teppan-chawanmushi. just had one mouthful of it. quite tasteless. :\

f.paps’ beef set which contains beef, cuttlefish, foie gras and mushrooms.

my chicken set which contains chicken, oyster, mushrooms, tofu steak and salmon. i only ate the mushrooms, tofu steak and half of the salmon. pushed the rest to f.paps. XD

walked around to digest our food. springfield has really nice and pricey bags. talking about bags… the organiser for my victoria secrets spree has not been replying to my emails! argh. i’ll give her one more day before i flood her mailbox.


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