birthday nom-noms

celebrated my dad’s birthday at jack’s place earlier. i forgot to bring chadwick… so had to use lousy cheesecake (my mobile) instead. ugh.

8 more pictures under the cut.

started with chef’s salad.

and escargot. my parents will always order this every time we go to jack’s place – it’s their ritual.

my baked cod fish. healthiest main dish in the menu. *coughs*

mom’s lamb and pan-fried cod-fish. not very clear. :\ my dad and brother had steak which looked about the same so i didn’t bother to take a picture.


celebrated j-ness’ birthday on saturday once more. watched benjamin button before heading for dinner at eden sanctuary, a place that promotes healthy and nutritious eating. :D

started with pumpkin soup.

garlic chicken.

creamy salmon.

tofu cheesecake. i love this!

this week is going to be busy! dear God please sustain me. Thank you. Amen.


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