hey mr. curiousity!

woohoo! went for jason mraz’s concert last night with liam and it was fabbity fab. he’s so darn cute! liam said that she’s going to divorce her beloved beckham for him. :\

8 more pictures under the cut.

sistic said that the tickets were sold out but it ain’t. my section, T13, was completely empty. i was shocked and felt sad that such good seats were wasted. we only had around 10 people in the section. one section can fit about 100? i think some dealer bought a whole bunch of tickets and didn’t manage to sell them.

another shot before jason came on stage.

we were rather near the stage although it doesn’t look like it from this photo. this picture was taken as it is with no zoom.

however, i could take shots like these because j-ness lent me his telephoto lenses. wee~~

jason and a local singer, joy chua singing lucky. all the girls were pissed when they hugged so tightly after the song ended. >_<.


jason in mid-funky dance.
managed to get a shot of him facing slightly towards us.


i took 247 pictures in total but narrowed it down to around 170. overall, this concert was the most laid back one i’ve ever been to. i kinda like it this way.  the rest i’ve been to were pretty hardcore and mosh-pitty.

jason mraz fans. :D these are placed on individual seats but because our section was so empty as we mentioned earlier, we grabbed all of them (liam has the same amount as fans as i do). now, i don’t know what to do with it. LOL.


3 thoughts on “hey mr. curiousity!

  1. That’s the very reason why I wanna go to a Mraz concert – cause it’s a very laid-back and easy atmosphere. Awesomeness in his concerts haha. But hey at least you got to enjoy the funky music :D

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