dim sum dollies

met up with the girlies and AFCs today. appreciate them meeting us even though they are super tired after booking out from camp.

had high tea buffet at lao beijing. we went to the one at tiong bahru plaza. i expected huge crowds but only half the restaurant was filled.

26 more pictures under the cut.

we girls rushed to the buffet immediately when the clock struck 3. i skipped lunch just for this.

some noodles. didn’t take this because it looked cold.

broccoli with tofu.

food we shared:

jellyfish. sauce is not strong enough though.

zhajiang noodles.

stewed beef noodles.

pan-fried dumplings and siew mai. sadly, they don’t have har gao (prawn dumplings). i love those.

xiao long bao. the guys had like 6-7 baskets of this.

vegetable dumplings. nobody touched this except liam and i. pretty good and healthy.

d.i.y. popiah. so fun. the filling was darn delicious.

braised noodles. it looked really good but i was too full to try it.

some other noodles. no sure what exactly.

more items at the buffet counter:

i have seriously no idea what this is. beancurd skin?

custard and lotus buns (i call them pink-butt buns).


steamed peanuts.

alright. enough pictures of food.

let’s move on to pictures of humans:
ah tan, boons, nigel

boons, nigel, hao. tsk at boons.

nut, ah tan, boons

gwensie, liam

i ate until my stomach hurt :\ have never eaten so full since forever.

anyways after dinner, we headed to vivo to catch marley & me. that was like our third choice. bloody valentine 3-D was first and push was second. but both were out of seats so yea…

pictures of us girls:

in the toilet.
love the lighting. toilets have the best lighting for no reason.


after the guys left for their next movie with their group of friends, we rushed to forever21. i always try to restrain myself from buying stuff from forever21 because i know i can get it cheaper online. but today, i just splurged to make myself happy. i seldom shop at forever21 anyways. the outlet at vivo is 100 times better than wisma’s seriously.

i fell in love with this at first sight. they didn’t have size S but i bought M anyways. love it too much. i’ve checked and this is not sold online. :D well, actually they have the grey version of this but i prefer white.

i had to get this because it was on sale. from $38 to $19. how can i not get it?! i’m quite into florals now for some reason. :\

and my brother got me this because perlini’s was having a sale. aww so sweet. i needed ear studs too. the relationship between me and my brother has really improved like O_O. we can talk about anything now even relationships. i do ask him for advice. and don’t play play he’s more experienced than me in that area. LOL. so yes. God heals broken relationships. all we have to do is to take that first step.

*lets out a sigh of relief* i’m glad things are sorted out. i feel so relaxed now really. like a huge rock has been taken out from my brain. but the homework factor is still there! because i went out today, i didn’t have time to do anything!

i shall go prepare my candles for tomorrow night.


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