pongie’s back!

pongie’s back from osaka! :D went to fetch her at the airport earlier.

after 7 months in japan, she has become a very polite person – saying pleases and thank yous at the end of every sentence. haha! she even cleared the table after we ate at popeye’s. normally, we would just leave it there and let someone else clean it. japan has taught you well, pongie.

2 more pictures under the cut.

my dinner. goma (sesame) daifuku that pongie gave me and popeye’s mashed potato (the only item i will ever touch there). not much of an appetite these few days. it’s funny how i can eat so much when i’m stressed but so little when i’m down/moody/tired/worried/mehs/moos.

went home to find these waiting for me:
my aunt got these for me on her japan trip. brought a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart when i saw items with green tea and strawberries. T_T

why do i feel so lost?…


2 thoughts on “pongie’s back!

  1. Hahaha. Yes Japan has taught me well :P You are pretty polite yourself too!! Ganbette ne. Keep trusting God to help you through. Pass u your Japan goodies on Saturday :D

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