a day in my life v.4

every saturday is the same. i woke up an hour later than usual. dilly-dallied for a bit before washing up.

16 more pictures under the cut.

had a glass of milk.

saw the “not-coming-back-for-dinner” white board on the fridge. think it would be the same for the coming week as well.

read 6 issues of fables. yes, i’m starting to like western comics too. maybe because they’re much much easier to understand. *coughs*

all dressed up and ready to meet pongie for IT show and shopping at bugis village.
top: mango
bottom: bugis village
necklace: claire’s, japan
bag: pgmall
red ribbon hairpin: handmade

was running a lil’ late. :X

had lunch at raffles city’s food court. pongie was having a craving for mee pok. i had mango pudding.

look at how happy she is not to be eating japanese food. lol.

we were sitting next to the teppanyaki stall which emits sudden bursts of fire every 5 minutes.

headed down to suntec for the IT show because pongie wanted to get her itouch. the crowd was seriously maddening; worst i have ever seen. my poor feet got stepped on numerous times too. went to the wacom booth as well to poke albert and ryan. i want a cintiq! >_< but i don’t really need it. still love my intuos very much XD.

queued almost half an hour to pay for pongie’s itouch. camwhored while waiting. :D pongie looks sad on the outside but on the inside, i bet she’s happy to get her itouch. haha.

there, you see. XD

pongie treated me to pandan waffles at bugis village.

planned to buy loads of $10 tops from bugis village but i couldn’t find any nice ones this week :\ i saw loads last week. shucks. so i got this backpack for $23. rainbow colours makes me happy.

time i reached home.

goodies that pongie got me in japan! ribbon hairband, 2 packs of bandai curry bath powder i blogged about previously, bubblewrap presser and april’s issue of vivi. happy! hont┼Źni arigato pongsie!!! :D

dinner: post’s banana nut crunch with marigold blueberry yoghurt, marks & spenser’s strawberry tea and an apple. i have to say.. the tea is not to my liking at all. maybe because i soaked the bag for too long. green tea is still my favourite tea of all teas.

slacked all the way until 1am before heading for zzz-land. tsks at myself.

off to do work now… 1 more week to spring break wihich is so not a break.


4 thoughts on “a day in my life v.4

    • LOL. no, i need a bath tub for that. so will use it when i go on holiday? i opened it already. doesn’t smell like curry at all. think it’s just the color. haha.

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