mr. curry

had a free day yesterday. filming plans were canceled and shifted to today because one of our “directors” had something on. good in a way because i really needed the break.

so i had a swim in the morning, did a wee bit of work in the afternoon before setting out on my expedition. after which, i met f.paps for dinner at central, clarke quay.

12 more pictures under the cut.

first of all, a picture of my outfit of the day:
tunic: topshop
glossy leggings: online
bag: victoria secrets
belt: far east
necklace: claire’s

so about my expedition… i went to this place to poke around at secondhand antique shops. saw quite a few pretty vintage items but i thought that i should not get anything this month because i just ordered a fujifilm instax mini 7S camera online. @_@ will blog about the place when i go there again with a friend or something because i feel weird going there alone.

headed to central by bus which was a huge mistake. i got lost. called wuddy and he became my gps. LOL. so yes, i managed to arrive at central alive.

dinner was at mr. curry. one of waraku’s franchise.

my favourite 2 pages in the menu. *coughs*

love their interior.

f.paps’ matcha shake. he said that it wasn’t strong enough. i could tell from the colour of the drink in the menu. besides the parfait experience i had the previous time was enough to avoid anything matcha at waraku.

f.paps’ curry crab omelette rice set. it’s not considered as omurice because the rice ain’t cooked with ketchup.

my steamed vegetable curry set. yes, i’m a bi-vegetarian (digipen joke – if you can call it a joke). but yes, i really did not touch any meat for that day. i want to lose the 3 kg that i have gained from all that stress eating.

shared 3 cakes. matcha tiramisu, sweet potato cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake. the strawberry cheesecake was the best out of the 3. and yes, eating the matcha tiramisu made me want to totally abstain from matcha at waraku :X

shared half of my mini taiyaki with f.paps. red bean and chestnut flavour. i think i still prefe the big ones at takashimaya. or rather the ones in japan with green tea and mochi fillings. :P i’m going to get scolded by wuddy for comparing everything to japan. i can’t help it!

they do look really cute though. :D

i think this is the best hour (other than the golden hour) to take pictures. not to bright and not too dark either.

and i can never say no to meidi-ya whenever i’m at clarke quay. the aluminum bottled green tea is only going at $1.95. pretty cheap considering that the japanese import shop at the basement is selling them for $3+.

tried the steamed caramel pudding. it’s nice but i think i still prefer morinaga’s.

school until 1030pm tomorrow. think i shall have a swim before heading to school. need to clear my mind a lil’ bit.


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