this holiday has been so wasted. everything is done halfway. this makes me feel so… mehs. plus i’ll be out almost the whole day tomorrow. and on sunday, i’ll be watching a play with my mom. mr. time, can’t you just stop for an hour for me!?

anyways, met up with the cell girlies for dinner today. went back to school in the afternoon to do some work but ended up playing a game of left 4 dead after drawing one portrait. hate myself sometimes.

9 more pictures under the cut.

chilled out with hxy and wuddy at orchard before dinner.
saw this retarded looking carrot man outside heeren.

then we went to takashimaya’s basement for azabu sabo ice cream, kinokuniya and other random places until 7pm.

walked over to lucky plaza to meet the girlies. we ate at this indonesian restaurant called the ayam penet ria. apparently it’s famous but i thought it was alright. maybe because i didn’t eat their signature dish:

ayam penet (smashed chicken) rice. i don’t think i will eat it even though it’s darn good. sorry.

we shared a plate of gado gado. really good. contains eggs, lettuce, tofu, ketupat, tomatoes, bean sprouts and cucumbers.

my beef ball beehoon soup.


stace, emily, julia


joyce and i. maryann was here too but i didn’t manage to take a picture of/with her.

so yes, i’ve been spending a little too much this month. so much so that i feel so darn guilty… bought this earlier at kinokuniya:


i really love concept art loads, especially for animated movies. the bee movie wasn’t a really fantastic one but i really love the art in this book.

sample pages:


img_2856nicolas marlet – my new found role model in the artistic line. he did the characters for kung fu panda as well. awesome stuff. i want the art book of kung fu panda toooo!

ack. goodnight. feeling really mehs now.


6 thoughts on “sighy~

    • ok i actually have the game but i dont wanna start playing at home because i will keep playing and not do my work. lol! so yea. will jio you in a months time :X when my 4-month holiday starts.

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