ringing bells

celebrated hxy’s birthday today. his actual birthday was on sunday but due to the busy-ness, we postponed it.

6 more pictures under the cut.

27 candles on the cake! :X *waits patiently for wedding invite* haha!

met liam for dinner and movie – confessions of a shopaholic!

we went to iluma@bugis because tickets are $6 until april 10th. and iluma was so darn crowded because david archuleta was going to perform there.

insane crowd full of screaming teenage girls who all wants david to marry them. LOL.

i couldn’t find a bloody spot to snap his picture. walked pass coffee bean and saw this. he even posed for me.

so, i only managed to get a top shot of his head… i had to take the escalator 5 times just to get this. LOL. in the end, i didn’t even get to see his face. shall just make do with youtube videos.

shot of us in the cinema theatre. loved the movie loads. i laughed so hard at one part, i could hardly breathe. hugh dancy has really dreamy eyes. i don’t mind staring at them all day. XD


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