kindersurprise is no more

had an immense craving for kinder surprise after so many years of not eating it. i wanted to have it partly because of easter day even though easter is not about eggs but Jesus’ death for us. commercialization killed the truth!

3 more pictures under the cut.

however, i found out that kinder surprise has been given a revamp. it’s called kinder joy now and even though it still looks like an egg on the outside…

this is what it really looks like inside.

so basically you tear the “egg” into half. one half contains the chocolate and the other half the toy parts. you no longer have to eat the chocolate just to get the toy and it costs $1.60 each. boo!

i want kindersurprise back!!! i’m so going to candy empire to check if they still import them. X( it’s not extinct though; only in southeast asia i guess.

i shall end this with a camwhore picture of mandapanda and me. :D


7 thoughts on “kindersurprise is no more

  1. Haha, I too was craving a Kinder Surprise recently, and “surprised” would not be the word to use when describing my reaction to THAT! It hardly looked appetizing!
    Why mess with a good thing? Why?!

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